Monday, March 15, 2010

Conor's Story

Age 15

Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care

It’s not abnormal for a child to catch the flu at school during flu season, but Conor kept getting it over and over. After yet another bout with the virus in May 2009, Conor returned to school. This time a classmate noticed he had rashes on his legs. Immediately his mom took him to the doctor where they did blood tests to make sure the condition wasn’t too serious. Unfortunately, it was. Conor had leukemia. Since his diagnosis Conor has undergone four rounds of chemotherapy as well as radiation treatments.

Through it all Conor, 15, displayed a positive attitude and approached his illness with humor. While he was being treated at Vermont Children’s Hospital at Fletcher Allen Health Care, he was often seen sporting a t-shirt that read: “My Oncologist is better than your Oncologist.” Conor’s witty and intelligent nature has endeared him to hospital staff and everyone he encounters. He’s also shown his great maturity and thoughtfulness by constantly embracing his mother and assuring her that everything will be fine.

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